Harness the power of IoT technologies, with a streamlined solution.

Collate, graph, and analyze the live data from your remote sensors from anywhere in the world. Manage devices from the cloud on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Leverage the data potential of your projects with IoT Inform.

In your home or at industrial scale, we’re making the Internet of Things easier and more accessible. Manage your devices, chart your trends, and configure your sensors in a simple system designed to grow a beginner into a power user. ¬†Monitors and reports temperature, humidity, dew point, air pressure and other conditions on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

How it Works
Low-power Sensors

Wireless sensors lasting up to 10 years on AA batteries.

Customize Everything

Take control of your devices and establish customs rules and layouts to manage your data.

Long-Range Connectivity

Tap into the extended cellular network with LTE-M devices, or assemble a fast and easy mcAir wireless network.

Device Management

Data Charting

Remote Sensing

Get your data from the edge, into the cloud where you can make it work for you.


Manage thousands of devices, gateways, with custom charts and alerts for each.

Live Dashboard

Our online management tools are continually improving. Expect to see new features and functions added as the platform grows.

Beautiful Charts

Interactive graphs of sensor data, with custom timelines and ranges.

Real-time Data

Climate readings are taken every 2 minutes by default.

Fully Responsive

Access all of your data through your phone, tablet, and computer.

Custom Alerts

Email alerts are triggered based on your requirements.

Notify Anyone

Create multiple contacts and add them to your email alerts.

Export Data

Download all historical data and use it however you please.

Start Thinking With Sensors

IoT Inform handles data on a per-sensor basis, meaning that you can pick and choose the right data at the right time. Devices can be expanded, sensors can be calibrated, units and frequencies can be monitored and managed. Our sensor focused design ensures that the useful data is presented, while the excess is hidden until needed.

Pipes & Infrastructure

Avoid frozen pipes, costly repairs, or outages

Fridges & Freezers

Identify fridge failure & power outages


Monitor office & inventory climates

Plants & Greenhouses

Avoid spoilage due to extreme climate shifts

Asset Tracking & Status

Monitor valuable equipment

Shipping Containers

Ease logistics and distribution management


Avoid overheated server room damages

Livestock Monitoring

Ensure compliance and welfare


Ensure the comfort of tenants & guests


Verify integrity of cold storage and positive pressure environments

Fleet Management

Asset Tracking and Status

Attics & Garages

Avoid frozen & spoiled paint & liquids

Flexible Hardware for a Flexible System

IoT Inform runs on mcThings devices with their unique low-power architecture. As the mcThings ecosystem of devices grows, so too will the availability of devices through IoT inform. Whether it’s a short-range local network, or a long-travelling asset tracker, you’ll be able to see its data on IoT inform.


The beginner level of IoT Inform use is free, suitable for pilot projects and home usage. But to truly unlock the power of the platform, we recommend our sliding scale Professional tier.

mcAir Devices

  • no data transfer fee
  • extra-long battery life
  • hub-and-spoke gateway system
  • upgradeable sensors
  • custom data rulesets

LTE-M Devices

  • ideal for asset tracking
  • receive data from anywhere
  • simple subscription system
  • long battery life
  • custom data rulesets

The IoT Inform Platform

Developed to use mcThings devices, the IoT Inform system is a one-stop-shop to bring your project to life. Our accessible API ensures that IoT Inform will integrate with any other business software you may be using.

Ready to find out how IoT inform can work for your business?