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An affordable and powerful measurement and control platform for the Internet of Things that enables users to start creating custom IoT solutions within minutes.

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Simple & Affordable IoT

mcThings provides businesses with access into the world of the Internet of Things with products that are affordable, easy to manage and highly scalable. The platform consists of low-cost, battery-powered IoT devices capable of edge computing as well as software and services in order to deliver data to the cloud.


With a focus on low cost and power efficient hardware, the mcThings platform is tailored for applications with low life-cycle cost requirements.


Provision and manage millions of devices securely from anywhere, anytime. A robust connectivity infrastructure ensures data is always pushed to the cloud.


With the mcThings platform, go from idea to full-scale deployment in mere days. Using agile tools innovate and improve the solution as business demands change.

Core Features

Low Cost

High quality, low-cost IoT hardware and software that is production ready within minutes and easily configured and deployed.


Accelerate to market with our easy to use IoT platform that requires no specialized staff for development and deployment.

Low Power

Ultra-low power, battery operated devices that will run for up to 5 years on a single coin cell with built-in monitoring.


Manage, configure, provision and deploy millions of devices on the fly with simple, large scale, over-the-air updates.


Collect and deliver data to the cloud using our hardware’s onboard sensors or by adding your own sensors to our hardware.


Easily set up an asset tracking network using our LPLAN or by leveraging on of our many compatible IoT network partners.

Industry Use Cases

Asset Tracking

There is a growing need for companies to understand where lower value assets are. Being able to measure variables related to these assets will allow companies to create new added value opportunities. The mcThings platform provides users with the ability to customize location services and measure a multitude of variables with a single device.

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The rental industry continues to grow and IoT will be a huge part of this industry’s future. Being aware of locations and variables on the equipment that is rented, for both the renter and the lease adds tremendous value. The mcThings platform is uniquely positioned to create solutions for this market segment!

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The Internet of Things is transforming the agriculture sector. The sector is facing new challenges to conserve energy and water resources. By leveraging the mcThings platform farms and service providers can remotely monitor critical assets & resources to create new efficiencies within this incredibly vast industry.

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Smart City

Opportunities for cities to become ‘smart’ and increase efficiency are immense! From monitoring infrastructure, utilities, and transit the possibilities for IoT solutions to add value or reduce cost are endless. The mcThings is a fantastic platform to create solutions tailored the specific needs and demands of municipalities independent of size or location.

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Food Industry

From cold-chain management to food safety and regulatory requirements, there is a host of applications where IoT will add significant value in the food industry. The mcThings platform, with low cost, and long battery life hardware is well positioned in order to create value adding solutions.

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Touted as the ‘4th industrial revolution’, Internet of Things products are a natural fit for this sector. The ability to measure vast amounts of variables at remote locations IoT solutions will create countless efficiencies. By leveraging the versatile and easily customizable mcThings platform, creating value adding solutions becomes easy and affordable!

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What They’re Saying

Michael OrrSigfox, North America

mcThings has been extremely helpful in bringing IoT devices to life that help our customers solve their business challenges. From concept to industrial device stage, the team is passionate, creative, and agile in their approach, and their device platform is extremely flexible.

Guy LangloisThinkxtra

The dedicated support and the creativity we receive from mcThings allows us to provide a first impression of our IoT network and services to our customers. From billboard monitoring to bin tracking, mcThings helps us on our journey and we hope to leverage their expertise and know-how for others projects.

Sergio ArmentaNXTVIEW

It's been great working with the mcThings team and we're looking forward to future collaborations. To have a partner like mcThings has been of great help on every level. Like most disruptive companies in the market, fast adaptability, resilience, and flexibility are key elements. At mcThings you can find them all.

David MarriottSpectra Symbol Corp.

We've been really impressed with how mcThings has reduced power consumption to such low levels. It makes battery-powered IoT products a real possibility. Most other applications we've looked at haven't been able to reach that "critical mass" of operable hours on a single coin cell battery.

Tony WagnerKicking Horse Coffee

mcThings have developed a truly great product! We use many mcModules around the facility to trigger events and actions required by our maintenance team. We use the mcModules in conjunction with IFTTT and Slack. Our team thinks of new use cases with the mcThings platform almost every day!

Brandon CannadayLosant

mcThings is one of our most engaged and responsive partners. It’s clear they put the customer first and have always strived to make our software/hardware collaboration as seamless as possible. They have a solid product and solid team and both are great work with.

Carl PritchardFranchise Technologies, Inc.

mcThings has been responsive to our needs, enabling us to develop flexible solutions to help meet requirements for our retail customers. We can create custom low-power software that interfaces directly with mcModules, while the mcGateway handles power-hungry operations that sends our data to the cloud.

Duncan ChisholmKordia Ltd.

mcThings are a ground-breaking technology company who provided one of the first devices to operate on the Sigfox network in the Asia-Pacific region. Kordia was pleased to be able to work with mcThings to get proof of concepts up and running quickly and to showcase the network capability using a range of sensors on the mcDemo205 kit.

Marc Pousthethings.io

We met mcThings working with Sigfox projects, to sum up, it's a great hardware platform to build connected products and a proactive team. If you are developing a project, you cannot miss mcThings hardware platform.