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The mcModule110 is a computer-like device that is incredibly small, powerful and energy efficient. Running on a single coin cell battery, this device can last as long as five years before needing a battery replacement! Attaching the mcModule110 to almost anything, you are able to measure and control many variables remotely.


The mcMod110 is an integrated IoT module containing an ARM4 processor, accelerometer, temperature sensor, 2.4Ghz antenna, reed switch, button, LED’s, and various I/O’s. It can operate as a standalone device or surface mounted module. ┬áCommunication using the mcAir™ Low Power LAN protocol allows distances up to 200m* to the mcGateway™. Integration with mcStudio™ ensures the fastest and most reliable IoT application development and deployment. Multiple sensors, interfaces, and I/O’s provide measurement and control capabilities to solve any IoT problem.



Firmware v0.8-414 (BETA):
Release Date: January 12th, 2017
File Type: BIN File Download

Firmware Release Notes

Release Notes v0.8-369 (BETA):


  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed deletion of pended tx Messages
  • Fixed insuficient memory on messages

Getting Started

Hardware/Software Dependancies:

Please note that in order to begin creating your IoT solutions using mcMod120’s, you must have the complete mcThings development platform in place which consists of the following:

  • mcModule110 or mcModule120
  • mcGateway
  • mcDongle
  • mcOTA

Product Specifications

Featured Specs:
  • Input Voltage: 2.1V to 3.6V
  • Sleep Current: ~2┬ÁA**
  • Operational Temperature: -40 C to +85 C
  • Dimensions: 30.0mm x 20.7mm x 7.1mm
Specification Sheet:
Release Date: June 9th, 2016
Revision Number: v0.3
File Type: PDF File Download

Product Schematics

Module Schematics:
Release Date: August 12th, 2016
Revision Number: 6
File Type: PDF File Download