Use Case:

Lab Monitoring

From the farthest edge into the cloud: A powered and connected mcGate220 creates the Long Range mcAir network to pull data from 1000s of mcThings sensor devices and uses an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to transmit that information from areas without wired network connections.


The mc Gateway is a wireless bridge between the internet and mcThings devices so they can communicate with the cloud. Providing up to 1000m (3,300 ft) range in optimal conditions using Long Range mcAir™, the mcGate220 connects 1000+ mcThings devices while giving you the ability to access them via the internet.

Outfitted with an ethernet or wireless connection, this Gateway can relay data from remote locations without a conventional wired network solution.

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Sample System - Kate's Crops

Kate’s Crops: 3 Hectare Farm, Nelson, BC, Canada

Kate has four units measuring humidity in her greenhouses,  a temperature sensor in the deep freeze, and an LTE device out in the lower field chicken coop.

The farm keeps two charts, one to see the history of the freezer, and one that tracks all the humidity sensors in the greenhouse.

Several temperature and humidity alarms are active. In summer, when all the devices are active, Kate pays: $13.10 per month

  • $5 Essentials
  • 0.75 X 4 for the greenhouse devices on a 5 min interval
  • 0.55 for the freezer device on a 30 min interval
  • $4.50 for the LTE-M device in the lower field chicken coop

In winter, Kate only needs data from the freezer, and puts the other devices to hibernate paying a total of: $8.05 per month

  • $5 Essentials
  • 0.25 X 4 for the hibernating greenhouse devices
  • 0.55 for the freezer device on a 30 min interval
  • $1.50 for the LTE-M device in the lower field chicken coop


Product Brief:
Download Product Brief
  • Release Date: 10/23/2020
  • Revision Number: v1.8
  • File Type: PDF File Download
User Manual:
User Manual Coming Soon
  • Release Date: TBD 2021
  • Revision Number: v1.0
  • File Type: PDF File Download

In order to set up a Wi-Fi enabled mc Gateway, please use the packaged configuration utility to load credentials to the device.

Download Wi-Fi Config UtilityPlease note that in order to begin creating your mcThings IoT solutions, you must have the mcGateway powered and connected to the internet. Once properly connected your mcDevices can begin sending data to mcCloud.

Gateway Features

Long Range mcAir wireless (mcAirLR)
Ethernet or Wi-Fi Connectivity
Micro USB Powered
Ethernet Port